Welcome to The Soapbox Guild. I’m Lowell Van Ness, the current admin for this bunch of maniacs.

A few general items. First, this is a group blog, not a hive mind. We don’t all think alike, although it might be hard to tell the difference depending on where you’re looking from. However, we are of like enough minds that we can actually work with each other.

Second, this blog will discuss many, many things, from history to science to religion. We will discuss controversial topics and will take controversial positions on those topics. We will also, as implied above, disagree with each other. We will do so in a civil manner, and expect our commenters to do likewise. Failure to adhere to this guidelines will result in administrative action.

Third, each one of us will introduce himself. So, let me introduce myself, and lay my cards on the table so you can have some idea of what to expect from my posts, at any rate.

As to faith, I am a Christian who tends towards Reformed theology and believes that the Bible is the Word of God. As to birth, I am from the Southern United States. As to domestic politics, I tend to be a right-wing libertarian, while as to foreign affairs, I tend towards whatever course will advance the long-term interests of the United States. As to interests and hobbies, I enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, and talking about culture, theology, and politics. As to education, I would like to claim to be well-read, and am also a history and political science double major at a Christian liberal arts college.

As to my own posting schedule, I will endeavor to post every Wednesday and Saturday.

Climb aboard if you like.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. I read this as “history and political science double trouble major at a Christian liberal arts college.” I tried in vain to figure out how those majors in any way merited the disgrace of such a cliche, then realized they didn’t, and no one thought they did.

    Straining my ears toward noises emanating from approximately five feet, four inches above soapboxes–it’s what I do.

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