It has come to my attention that there was an error in last Wednesday’s post.PRISM is not the telephone search program run by the NSA, it is the internet communications surveillance program run by the NSA. Also, Snowden might be a traitor. Still changes nothing about the NSA’s programs.
On a related note, someone called my attention to the more…materialistic reasons for going a-Crusading, and pointed out that the Byzantines did not receive the help they were expecting, but got something entirely different. (More specifically, they wanted gold or some mercenaries–they got a volkswanderung.)
Well yes, says I, that’s true. However, here’s the deal. Most of that doesn’t make it into popular narrative, because it complicates things. I’m guilty of this myself–see last week’s post.
Well, you may ask, wouldn’t that stuff get put into the anti-European narrative? Well, it might, if anyone could be bothered to actually mention. Now, it’s possible that I don’t see this largely because the battles over the Crusades that I see tend to be brawls between atheists and Christians over the nature of religion.
However, it does get to the fact that people tend to like their stories simple. They want to see the world in terms of black and white–even if the black are the ones who see the world in the aforesaid terms, while white sees gray.
The problem, of course is that the actual story is rarely that simple, if it ever is. Why? Because human beings motives’ are either mixed, or evil. More on that later.
‘Til next time,
Lowell Van Ness.

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