Intro: Grant Riley

Though I have followed the postings of my colleagues for several months, I only now toss my head into the ring (if it were merely my hat, it would be of no use at all). I am Grant Riley.

But who is Grant Riley. Maybe I should explain who I am through what I think. In my first year of college I thought I should be a English major. Of course, I love to write and well formed characters give my heart joy. Now imagine my surprise when I took my first English class in college and Bill Cosby was the best writer we read. My consternation and frustration could not be bound. I then began a quest for greener pastures. I liked the political science classes, so I kept on there. But I wanted something deeper, philosophy! Little did I know, philosophy fell away long ago from the Dialogues of Socrates into the diatribes of Sartre. The whole enterprise seems no better than a cocktail party of watchmakers. Each one tinkering with their own particular second hand set minutiae. The first one shows off his handy work, the first one shows his rustic verge escapement. The next comes up adds a pendulum. The third replaces it with a digital watch and turns the clock into an egg beater. This goes on until somebody calls the egg beater a microwave. Politics does virtually the same thing, but no one actually believes it’s a microwave. From these I decided to look into theology. In the end nothing makes my heart happier than contemplating on the inescapable presence of God. Yet mere contemplation is not enough, I have to busy my hands with some menial tasks. Thus I am highly considering going to culinary school. Cooking allows my contemplative soul to embrace my ordinary body.

All this to say, I am a lover of deep thoughts, deep conversations, good friends, well written books, typewriters, the Church, and The Lord. I am forever thankful that He gave such friends as I have had these past several years, and I am now writing to allow others a front row seat to our discourses.


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