A Little Lighter?

One thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t much post about lighthearted things around here, with movie reviews and discussions of musical choice probably being the closest things to that. Part of this is because we live in interesting times, and I am also no comedian (I have maybe one standup routine in me. Maybe.) But there is no cause to be completely serious all the time, just like there’s no cause to be frivolous all the time. Neither one acknowledges the fullness of life.

Some of the general seriousness, I suspect, is because this is more a blog about ideas that I and the others have rather than us, although we are bound up in our ideas. I take ideas seriously, because they have consequences, and I’m seeing a whole bunch of negative consequences going on right now in the world at large. If this blog were about ourselves, we’d be considerable funnier, as you can sort of see in the title and in the introduction and about pages that we don’t actually take ourselves that seriously–mostly because, if we  did, we’d be completely ridiculous, in the most literal way possible. And I still aim to have a bit of fun while I do this, as do we all–if this ever gets to be a full-bore chore, we’ll likely set down our keyboards, call it a blog and have done, because by then y’all’ll probably be tired of us as well.

But I think the seriousness is appropriate, though. The world is fallen, and Christ has not returned. So long as the world is fallen, I cannot but speak of it seriously, with a little leavening of humor. But after…much more humor. I’m kind of looking forward to it, actually.

‘Til next time,

Lowell Van Ness


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