Oh, No, Not Again

So, as we all know, we’re going to war again. Well, technically it’s not a war, since the President can’t declare war, but it’s a sustained armed conflict with the intention of getting something done. So, it’s a war.

I already covered how we got to the point where we ended up being in this position in last week’s politics post, so we won’t do that again. I will, however, spend some time on the President’s speech that made the announcement that we were going back to Iraq in fuller force than we already were.

First, let me say that I find it very annoying that he touted one of the preconditions of ISIS/ISIL’s rise as an accomplishment–namely, the wholesale withdrawal of American troops from Iraq–in this speech. It’s kind of like a smaller-scale version of Neville Chamberlain touting the Munich Peace Agreement to Parliament in a speech asking for a declaration of war on Germany after the invasion of Poland.

But anyway, let me sum up the relevant portions of the speech: we will use airpower, foreign troops, and intelligence operations to break ISIS while providing humanitarian aid to the victims of the fighting. No American ground troops will be used. Also, we have lots of allies who will help us.

Yes, allies. Like Turkey, who refused to let us base airstrikes from its soil. Like Britain, which is currently distracted by the fact that Scotland might vote to become independent and so is waffling on the airstrike issue, or, Germany, who will not use its aircraft at all. The Arabs are still waffling a bit. The French are apparently with us (probably in payback for our support in Mali and Libya. Also, Syria was French territory between the end of World War I and the end of World War II.) Yay, I guess that’s one country that wasn’t in on the coalition of the willing?

Also, the plan seems to involve A. arming the Kurds–which is legit, they’re one of the few groups in the Middle East we can trust to not stab us in the back the minute we turn around, B. arming the Free Syrian Army, the theoretically moderate Islamic and secular rebels in Syria to fight ISIS, thereby turning the war in Syria into a further nightmare (Historical analogy: Syrian rebels as Republicans in Spanish Civil War; FSA are anarchists/Trotskyites; ISIS are Stalinists. The Stalinists won the internal power struggle but lost the war.) and bringing in the very same Iraqi army that completely fell apart in the face of ISIS.

For that matter, getting the Arab states to repudiate ISIS’ ideology is an exercise in futility, not because it won’t happen, but because the sticking point for the Arab states is that ISIS wants the power they already have, not the rest of the toxic brew that is ISIS’ worldview.

And Obama’s planning on bringing in that pack of thieving jackals with delusions of grandeur and virtue–I refer, of course, to the UN–to help us defeat ISIS. Why not just transport them over here ourselves? It would be cheaper in the long run, and the people of America could give them a very warm welcome when they got off the plane.

In summary, the plan is already having issues. We’ll take out ISIS, most like, but it’ll take way longer than it should and there’ll probably be someone else to take its place.

Go with God, you sent out by us to make this work.

‘Til next time,

Lowell Van Ness


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