The Non-Endorsement of the Guild

As was promised on Wednesday, this is the post in which the Guildmaster declares his official non-endorsements. He is also going to talk in the third person, because it is fun to indulge in such tomfoolery on occasion.

To begin with, the Guildmaster does not endorse any of the three Democratic candidates. The only one he would have considered endorsing was Webb, and the Democratic Party has declared that it does not want him. The Guildmaster sympathizes, as the Democratic Party does not want him, either.

Clinton gave us Libya and believes she is above the law, Sanders does not understand economics, and O’Malley was the mayor of Baltimore. Need the Guildmaster say more? No? Good.

Also, as a point of clarification, the Guildmaster also does not endorse any of the third-party candidates for President, finding them to be obviously more interested in making a statement than in accomplishing anything, given the American electoral system. He does, however, encourage all persons who want to shake up the system to vote for third-party candidates for local offices.

Now for the Republicans. The Guildmaster does not endorse anyone who was in the last undercard debate, for much the same reasons as his non-endorsement of the third-party candidates. He also does not endorse Trump, as the man is the very definition of a RINO, and will end up doing more harm than good to the nation. Carson is not ready for prime time (said with regret; the Guildmaster liked him), Kasich is in the same situation as Webb, Christie is personally obnoxious, Bush is unelectable, and Paul’s foreign policy renders him unelectable and unnominatable at this time. Perhaps later.

This leave only Cruz and Rubio to consider. The Guildmaster endorses neither of these, but he also will not not endorse them. While concerned about Cruz’s ability to be a team player, either with his colleagues or the country, he also notes that all the right people despise Cruz–which is to say, leftists and Republicans who seem to think the proper place for the party is to be the loyal opposition. Rubio he finds to be far more likable, and probably electable, and conservatively principled, but he is concerned that Rubio is too easy to bamboozle into doing silly things. However, these two are the least bad options.

Thus spake the Guildmaster.

‘Til next time.

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