Not a Trump Card

So, it’s Super Tuesday tomorrow—that day when a whole bunch of states vote, one of which I grew up in, another of which I went to college in, and another of which I am going to graduate school in.

And I would like to make a request of everyone I know who will be voting in the Republican primary—I will not speak of the Democrats, because I consider Sanders and Clinton to be equally dangerous to the republic, each in their own way.

I am requesting that, tomorrow, you vote for either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. I do not make this request because I think they are awesome, because I’m not sure about either. I am making this request because they are the only two people who can derail the Trump train.

Kasich and Carson can’t do it. Neither will pull off more than 10% of the vote in any of the states voting tomorrow.

But, you may justifiably ask, what is so important about stopping Trump?

Before I get into that, I will admit that it is true that all the right people utterly despise Donald Trump. The fact is that those people also utterly despise Ted Cruz, and their feelings towards Marco Rubio are frosty at their warmest.

I will also point out that there are certain ideas I am not using when I make this request. First, I believe in innocent until proven guilty, which means I am not convinced that Donald Trump is a racist. Nor am I convinced that he is Hitler or Mussolini. Nor, in fact, do I believe that he will start a great many wars. Nor do I believe that he would go after me or mine. It is not even his tendency toward serial monogamy that causes me to say that he must be stopped.


This much I do know.

I do know that he is unwilling to repudiate the support of David Duke, who is an anti-Semitic white nationalist.

I do know that he believes that America has insufficiently broad libel laws—that, or he does not understand American libel laws—and that he has promised to sue people who speak or write falsely about him. Given that his behavior in the past has indicated that he finds quoting him to be speaking falsely, this is not at all reassuring.

I do know that he has attempted to use eminent domain laws for his own private gain, and that he supports Kelo vs. New London, which was a Supreme Court decision (decided by four leftists and Kennedy), that stated that the government could take private property and give it to other private persons in order for them to engage in commercial development.

I do know that he is yet another Northeasterner who does not believe that the people closest to the problem are the best to solve the problem.

I do know that he is blatantly arrogant and willfully ignorant.

And, finally, I do know that the level of adulation his followers have for him is utterly terrifying. It’s like watching the 2008 election all over again. The only reason someone hasn’t written a Lightbringer editorial about him is because he scares off pretentious leftist New Age types. It is precisely the kind of behavior that the men who founded this country were frightened of, and they understood more about government than, I suspect, almost everyone who ran for president this year—and Trump does not seek to dissuade his followers from it, he revels in it.

Vote for one of the sons of immigrants, who prove by their lives that America can assimilate all who come to its shores if it is only allowed to do so, and not hampered by diversity theorists.

That is all.

‘Til next time,

Lowell Van Ness

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