Dusting off the ole Soapbox

Hello friends and the two other people who read this blog.

It’s me, the most inconsistent blog post writer.

It’s been a while since we at the Soapbox published anything. That’s a mighty shame.

A lot has changed in the past years. We’ve grown a lot, bumped around the world a bit, and the world has certainly bumped back. We’ve seen a mighty few things change in the past year. For starters Donald Trump became president. What a weird sentence. Even though I worked for Marco Rubio’s senate reelection campaign in Florida (I will describe this more in future posts), I couldn’t help but sit in front of the TV for several hours the next few days as we cleaned out the campaign office, thinking to myself that I had fallen into a different reality where Thomas Wayne was really Batman and broccoli a delicious food.

I wasn’t the only one either.

Since that time I’ve had several adventures in campaign work, campaign like work, civic engagement, flying lessons, and so much more. I’ve learned a good many things along the way and I want to share all the lessons learned as best as I can. But for now I want you to know that I and the others here at the SoapBox Guild will continue our ramblings, late night discussions, observations, and silly back and forth. The world has gotten weirder and that’s why we are resurrecting this old throwback. It seems that the times have caught up with us.

Everyday presents a new political situation that people can’t wait to talk about. Everyday a new comedy. Everyday a new tragedy. This world we live throws some incredible loops our way. Friends, Americans, few faithful followers, lend us your eyes a few more minutes. Let this place be to you a haven of joyful weirdness in a world gone mad. We’ve got many new things to talk about, tales from work, life, friendship, and a list longer than Anna Karenina. So I’m blowing off the dust of this ole Soapbox. Get some popcorn, coffee, and a slice or two of avocado toast we’ve got some wild geese to chase!

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