Armia Krajowa

So, as we all know, Ted Cruz dropped out last night, which means, barring a miracle, that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee.

Meanwhile, the smart money says that the delegate math for the Democrats indicates that Sanders isn’t going to win the primary delegates, which means that there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be the Democratic Party nominee.


For everyone who actually cares about the Constitution, for everyone who actually cares about the free-trade regime that has done more for the prosperity of the world than anything other than the Industrial Revolution, for everyone who actually cares about maintaining the alliances that have managed to keep wars to the regional level for the past seventy years, for everyone who gets that no one is above the law, this Presidential election is something akin to the situation that Eastern Europe faced during the late 1930s.

That is to say, trapped between power-hungry, amoral authoritarians who believe they are the embodiment of the national will, and all who oppose them are to be swept aside with no care for their good. Fortunately, our situation is better because there is still something resembling the rule of law in this country, which means we face neither Holocaust nor Holodomor–but it also means that, morally speaking, we have both more and less wiggle room to operate in. More, because neither is genocidal; less, because our lives are not immediately at stake.

So, what to do?

The answer is to follow the Poles.

Yes, you heard me right. Follow the Poles. The one country in Eastern Europe who, when faced with the choice between Hitler and Stalin, said “Neither,” and then fought them both as best they could after the dictators partitioned them again, and never really stopped, even after the Soviets finally took over in 1945. The country in Eastern Europe that came the closest to keeping its honor, even if many individuals ended up choosing to round up Jews or anti-Communists.

This going to be a dirty, nasty, campaign season. People will demand that if you aren’t for their candidate, you’re for the other one, and will heap opprobium upon you–never mind the fact that their candidate is just as bad. It will also be a dirty, nasty four years, as the powers of the Presidency are turned upon the personal enemies of the executive. The country will be brought closer to its ruin, and the world will be further destabilized.

So, politically speaking, when given the choice between the devil or the deep blue sea, I choose neither, that I might not have to choose in a more personal way later. So that, in the end, there can be people who say “We tried to stop the trainwreck, instead of trying to steer it into people we despised.”

So, therefore, this election season, I choose the Armia Krajowa. The men and women who spat in the face of those who would make them choose between evil and evil.

What’s your choice?

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